It seems fitting that on the week that we, the human species, have successfully landed a probe on the face of a comet, that, “Aurora Majesty, the new offering by Edinburgh’s intergalactic riff-naughts DUNE, also landed on my desk. I hope you all appreciate that opening sentence, as my other option was to go down the “heavy-ass-riffs” root, tying nicely into Kim Kardashian’s planet sized derriere and the hype that has sadly orbited around it.

So Aurora Majesty lets see, what have we got here…..wait what?…..TWO TRACKS, WHAT THE FUCK!!! Yes, DUNE’s latest voyage only contains two tracks, but in these two tracks they manage to condense what feels like all matter that has ever existed in the universe. I like the idea of this two track release. Its been just over a year since DUNE released their debut masterpiece “Progenitor” and I know for a fact that the band are currently loading the fuel tanks for their full length – so its a bold and clever move in my opinion to release Aurora Majesty - sort of like a middle course in a delightful meal, if that middle course was a 150 ounce steak!

Aurora Majesty, due to be released 21st of November via Sea of Corruption Recordsblasts off with opening track “Into the Travellers’ Hall” a track that I first saw DUNE debut live earlier this year. From the gentle opening of “Into the Travellers’ Hall” you do get that sense of this middle step as mentioned above in my meal analogy. Everything you loved about Progenitor is still present, the riffs, the prog, the volume. But this is heavier, much heavier! I absolutely fucking love ”Into the Travellers’ Hall”. I could come up with something more intelligent to say about the power of the riff, the dark, almost black metal sound of the lyrics and of course the thunderous drumming that Dudley Tait throws down like Thor himself – but I feel my original statement is enough to express just how great this fucking track is.

Second up and I suppose, finally, is “Of Blade and Carapace”. This track has more of a live feel to it and that is a good thing. DUNE are a live band, like watching a rocket launch; it is amazing to watch on television, but to stand there in Cape Canaveral and watch one actually blast off into space is awe-inspiring! DUNE really go to town with the prog elements in ”Of Blade and Carapace” with the guitars leading the way, backed up by possibly one of the most solid rhythm sections on the Scottish scene at present.

12 minutes of heavy-kardashian-ass-riffs later (sorry, couldn’t resist), and Aurora Majesty drifts into the galaxy.

Aurora Majesty is another epic journey from a band that are pushing to be different and break barriers – and that is my biggest reason for my admiration of DUNE. If you liked Progenitor you will love Aurora Majesty. If you haven’t heard Progenitor you will love Aurora Majesty – but then go buy Progenitor because thats like watching Aliens before you’ve watched Alien!

Pre-order and Buy Aurora Majesty Here

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