Last weekend I attended the album launch of “This Can’t Get Any Worse” the newest slab of metal forged by Edinburgh based trio, Tommy Concrete and The Werewolves. The album launch turned out being one of the most fun and crazy gigs I’ve attended in recent years. A true underground heavy metal show featuring blistering sets from Edgeville Hellride, Mastiff, Black Talon and of course, Tommy Concrete and The Werewolves. A midst the madness of raining booze, frantic pits, chaotic pyramids and the one man disgrace tornado that is Ewen G Cameron, I was reminded why I love metal music so much; its that raised middle finger to all that is fucking shite in life – and “This Can’t Get Any Worse” is that sentiment condensed into one marvelous CD.

Don’t expect the the over produced commercial sounds of contemporary fashion metal, this is not what Tommy Concrete and The Werewolves are about. This is a band that have grown up on a healthy diet of Motorhead, Slayer, Celtic Frost, Venom, Repulsion & Possessed.  This is a band with punk DIY ethics who play what they like – and if you don’t like what you hear?…well, go fuck yourself!

What “This Can’t Get Any Worse” is, is a collection of mad, honest and raw werewolf inspired extreme-punk-metal songs; 18 to be exact – so don’t complain about value for your money. The album opens with “Fucked by Werewolves” a fast paced pit monster, designed to get heads banging and fists pumping. I won’t critique every song, as well, there are 18! One of my favourites though is “Clarity of Insanity” which is a more mellow chunderer, but one that holds possibly one of my favourite riffs of the year! Seriously, when Tommy cracked this one open at their album launch I couldn’t help but down my drink and bang my head like a furious banshee!

Another excellent moment in the album occurs during “Shaman to Sheer” which is a fast paced thrash number, but again whacks you in the nuts with an absolute blinder of a riff. Its chunky, its heavy its almost black – and it will have you gritting your teeth and reaching for the volume knob in seconds!

Tommy Concrete leads the way with an arson of razor sharp riffs and eye gaugingly good solos. Bassist George Nisbet drives the whole thing forward in front of his wall of tone, working with drummer Michael Branagh, whose d-beats and whirlwind drum rolls transport you back to a time when metal was just about drinking loads of booze and having a good time.

“This Can’t Get Any Worse” is a great album filled to the eyeballs with great metal tunage. Tunage such as “Transmogrify”, “Lesbian Sexual Predator” “Your Dads a Cunt” and “Whorelocaust”. If you like your metal raw and full of balls then you need to pick up a copy of this album; as your metal collection will never be complete without it!

Follow the link to the right and BUY your copy of “This Can’t Get Any Worse” today!

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