PHANTOM RIFFAGE first exploded into the music scene in 2002 with a wholly unique take on a genre started by Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple all those years ago, and since reforming in 2013 the heads of a generation disillusioned with the lack of passion and grit in modern music culture have started turning to them for their fix of dirty grunge-rock.

Ben Hutchison-Jack, Ross Girvan, and Colin MacGregor met at Scotland’s best and most revered music college, Perth UHI, where they quickly set about blowing their peers away. Nothing could stop them, they took to the road and gigged all over Scotland, leaving a trail of mayhem and spilt beer at their feet. Their début album, Slayed By Astro, is a master piece of song writing, and will be followed very closely by their much anticipated second album. Phantom Riffage are a pedigree. All other rock bands should look to them as an example of how it’s done. Energy, passion, atmosphere, that ever elusive perfect riff: these righteous musicians have it all.

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