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Please feel free to contact if you want to submit something for review/tell us about an event/have something your promoting/just want a nice chat about skating and music

Meet the team

Adam Holt

Adam co-founded Bone-Yard with his brother, Jon. He has been apart of the Scottish metal scene for over a decade playing in bands such as Delimserge, Madman Is Absolute, Roll On Three, Lucifers Corpus and Hair of the Dog. As well as music, Adam is rediscovering his love for skateboarding and enjoys visiting, skating and chilling with the locals at the many skateparks throughout Scotland.

Jon Holt

Jon is Adam’s older brother and co-founder of Bone-Yard. Jon is also involved in the Scottish music scene having played drums in Roll On Three and currently, Hair of the Dog. Jon is a passionate skateboarder and loves everything about the sport and its culture. Jon also designed the Bone-Yard logo, using Microsoft Paint!

Babs Turner

Babs is known throughout the Edinburgh scene and is a keen writer. She was drawn to Bone-Yard because she felt passionately about what Bone-Yard was trying to achieve. She has now been consumed by the beast and enjoys her knew found love for alternative journalism.

Matthew Fothergill

Mathew is Bone-Yards resident photographer and can often be found with the team, darting about in between live music gigs or dodging skateboards at the parks.